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The Search and Award for The Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines (TOFARM Philippines) is an initiative of Universal Harvester, Inc. together with the Junior Chamber International Philippines since 2012. JCI Philippines is the same highly respected organization that brought The Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines (TOYM) and The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) as its flagship projects.

This is a national award project in recognition of the resiliency, ingenuity, and strength of our hard-working Filipino farmers. The project is also anchored in promoting farming in the youth sector in all regions. The search will be inclusive and participative; expanding from public to private sector stakeholders in agriculture, fisheries, and livestock. This project is open to all Filipino farmers, fisherfolk, animal raisers, cooperatives, farm communities, organizations, education/ academe, agriculture scientists, LGUs, public employees, and business entities in both rural and urban areas/centers.


To foster increase of people venturing in the agriculture sector,

invigorate investment and scientific advancement to achieve sustainable

food supply, and to champion our hard working farmers.


1. Promote the goals and advocacy of TOFARM Philippines.
2. Achieve private and public sector participation in the annual search and award, and establish a much wider scope and reach.
3. Safeguard the interest and welfare of the agriculture sector.
4. Promote farming as a noble and profitable endeavor.
5. Recognize the agriculture sector’s best practices, techniques, and technology.
6. Establish the relevant impact of the project through advocacy and support to:
food supply conservation and patronage in Filipino produce.
7. Honor the outstanding individuals and groups in the field of agriculture from the various sectors in our country.

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