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TOFARM Film Festival is the brainchild of Dr. Milagros O. How, President and CEO of Universal Harvester, Inc. This festival aims to uplift the farmers as well as his professional development. It is most worthy and significant since this is the only film festival that showcases the lives, journeys, aspirations, trials and tribulations – failures and successes of the farmers and other stewards of agriculture.

The festival will give them the acknowledgement, honor and the respect due them as caretakers of our resources from the Great Creator.

VISION: To highlight the aspiration of the Filipino farmers and journey to success

MISSION: To stimulate the agriculture environment with the help of film medium in order to promote awareness in the life of Filipino farmers

About the Trophy


The woman represents Philippine agriculture. She is responsible for the whole nation’s nourishment. She cultivates the land, takes care and harvests the crops and delivers produce to feed the Filipino families.


She raises the TOFARM plate to acknowledge and give recognition to the noble champions of agriculture – our farmers.


She also leans forward to encourage advancement in agriculture. She uses the film strip as an “alampay.” The beauty and power of cinema is a tool to put a spotlight onto the farmers’ lives – their triumph and tribulations, challenges and success.


Best Picture

2nd Best Picture  

3rd Best Picture

Special Jury Award

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Screenplay

Best Story

Best Music

Best Sound

Best Editing

Best Cinematography

Best Production Design


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