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  1. Genre. Different song genres are encouraged, i.e. Folk/Acoustic, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Country, Pop, Inspirational, Fusion.

  2. Duration. From the start of the song, minimum of 3 minutes 30 seconds to maximum 6’.

  3. Lyrics. English or any of the Philippine languages.

  4. Criteria. Quality of composition, lyrics, originality and fidelity to the theme.

  5. Accompaniment. Minimum of 1 to maximum of 4 instruments are allowed, either acoustic or midi realization. Use of indigenous instruments is encouraged.

  6. Submitted songs and lyrics must be written particularly for the 1st TOFARM Songwriting Competition.

  7. Ownership rights to the submitted songs shall be retained by the contestant unless and until he/she is declared Finalist.

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