TOFARM provided a diversity of cultures enjoyed by numerous guests from different parts of the country. From the main entrance of the event to the giant venue, TOFARM 2013’s artistic showcase coupled with authentic tribal presentations dazzled guests with their breathtaking performances all agriculturally themed for the program.


    Headed by Mr. Rodolfo S. Benavidez, Mr. Rizalino Comia, Mr. Fredimor G. Pueblos, Sr., and Mr. Isidro C. Bacani.

Ani ng Tagumpay

November 15, 2013 was a momentous day for the country’s top farmers. Currently on its second year, TOFARM 2013 successfully initiated another year of recognition, culminating the agricultural innovators and hard working farmers that contributes well to the economy of our country.

Winning a TOFARM award is one of the best, if not the ultimate accolade for all farmers. Together with Universal Harvester, selected industry experts and NGO representatives chooses the best bid submission worthy of the major awards, and TOFARM ensures that the rest of the bids are recognized as well.

While JCI Philippines serves as an effective catalyst for this yearly project, UHI on the other hand is it’s center; And within it, nests the soul of TOFARM. Its success can be credited to Universal Harverster’s very own Dr. Milagros Ong-How. Through TOFARM, her assertion calls forth a movement to value and appreciate the country’s hard working farmers and their accomplishments.

UHI through Dr. How plays a vital role for TOFARM, and the company intends to further expand its program to recognize more of the nation’s agricultural heroes. Together with volunteers and supporters, we hope that this noble cause shall reach even the farthest areas of our country.

TOFARM truly is the unequivocal response to recognize and support Filipino farmers in our country today. The program itself is a celebration of excellence of our finest farmers. And finally, an advocacy that can stimulate the creativity and ingenuity of all young farmers as our next agricultural heroes.

We invite all to support this worthwhile program for the prosperity and recognition of all farmers. Together with the leadership of Dr. Milagros Ong-How, TOFARM shall remain the farmer’s beacon of light in the agricultural field.