1. - ThemePlanting Seeds of Change
  2. - Genre. Different song genres are encouraged, i.e. Folk/Acoustic, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Country, Pop, Inspirational, Fusion.
  3. - Duration. From the start of the song, minimum of 3 minutes 30 seconds to maximum 6’.
  4. - Lyrics. English or any of the Philippine languages.
  5. - Criteria. Quality of composition, lyrics, originality and fidelity to the theme.
  6. - Accompaniment. Minimum of 1 to maximum of 4 instruments are allowed, either acoustic or midi realization. Use of indigenous instruments is encouraged.
  7. - Submitted songs and lyrics must be written particularly for the 1st TOFARM Songwriting Competition.
  8. - Ownership rights to the submitted songs shall be retained by the contestant unless and until he/she is declared Finalist.