Short Film

For the third TOFARM Film Festival, Dr. Milagros O. How announces the inclusion of the TOFARM Short Film Competition as part of the continuing effort to highlight the aspirations of Filipino farmers and their journey to success. 

A total of seven (7) short films shot entirely on a cellphone, no less than one minute and no more than 10 minutes each, will be chosen by a selection committee separate and totally independent from the TOFARM Film Festival Selection Committee, to screen along with the seven (7) feature films to be exhibited in the TOFARM Film Festival from Sept. 12-18, 2018


July 15 – Aug. 30, 2018

 - Period of submission of finished short films

 - NOTE : Please check submission details in Mechanics, #3.



September 15, 2018 

- Awards’ Night for the TOFARM Film Festival and the TOFARM Short Film Competition


1. All interested amateur filmmakers are to e-mail their short films, shot on a cellphone, no less than one (1) minute and no more than ten (10) minutes, along with : 

                -  Duly-accomplished 2018 TOFARM Short Film Competition form available at (DOWNLOAD FORM)

                -  Duly-accomplished form includes signing form attesting to the fact they actually shot using a mobile phone camera.

                -  Synopsis written in Filipino or English (1 page, 12 pts font size, Arial, double-spaced) on letter-sized bond paper.

2. Entrant must not have directed a full length feature yet.
3. TOFARM will accept entries from July 15 to August 15, 2018, to be submitted as Quicktime h. 264, mpeg4, on either a data disk, flashdisk, to the TOFARM Secretariat Office, 10th floor, Harvester Corporate Center, 158 P. Tuazon, corner 7th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City. Entrants may also submit online, with an online link for download, e-mailed to: 
4. Seven (7) Short Films are to be short-listed from the entire lot of entries, by a Selection Committee separate and totally independent from the TOFARM Film Festival Selection Committee.   
5. The chosen seven (7) Short Film Finalists are to be exhibited in the TOFARM Film Festival from September 12-18, 2018, along with the seven (7) feature films of the TOFARM Film Festival. 
6. TOFARM will take care of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board review through collaboration with the Film Development Center of the Philippines. 
7. The Short Filmmakers and TOFARM may enter the work in various international short film festivals.

8. The TOFARM Film Festival Awarding ceremony will include the announcement of the three (3) winners of the TOFARM Short Film  Festival Competition. 

     The following prizes will be awarded: 

Best TOFARM Short Film 2018           =     PhP 50,000.00+plaque+phone+gimbal

2nd Best TOFARM Short Film 2018   =     PhP 40,000.00+plaque+phone+gimbal

3rd  Best TOFARM Short Film 2018   =     PhP 30,000.00+plaque+phone+gimbal

1. All entries must be no less than one (1) minute and no more than ten (10) minutes, at an average of 80mb/minute, for 10 minutes an average of 800mb, maximum of one gigabyte.

2. The theme of the first TOFARM Short Film Competition is “A Slice of Life: Eto Na!” featuring vignettes in the daily lives of a farmer, livestock raiser, fisher-folk or other individuals related to agriculture. 

3. The members of the organizing committee and their immediate kin are disqualified from joining the competition. 

4. Interested participants may submit a maximum of two (2) entries. However, only one entry per proponent shall be considered as a finalist. 

5. All finalists must have their premiere screening during the TOFARM Film Festival. 

6. Works found to be created by professionals but submitted under the names of amateurs bars said professionals and amateurs from future participation and inclusion in TOFARM projects and activities.

7. Different narrative genres shall be encouraged. The challenge will be to present a slice of life, along the lines of comedy, drama, romance, action, suspense, horror and fantasy within the short time allowed.

8. Due to copyright laws, the music used in any entry must be original, licensed or public domain. 

9. Dialogue should be in Filipino or any Philippine dialect as deemed appropriate. All entries must be subtitled in English upon submission. 

10. Finalists will retain ownership of their short films. Winning entries and the Executive Producer of the TOFARM Film Festival may enter into an amicable deal agreed upon by both parties, regarding ownership. The Best Director Award in any other foreign or local short film festival goes solely to the Filmmaker, but a Best Film Award in any such foreign or local short film festival can be shared between Filmmaker and TOFARM.

11. The organizer and its agencies reserve the right to use the entry’s name and/or materials for the purpose of publicity, advertising, and/or promotion without prior compensation or notice. 

12. The organizer reserves the right to cancel, change or amend this contest and its Rules and Regulations. 

13. The decision of the Board of Judges is final.