Tofarm Projects


BACK-TO-FARM (or Balik-Saka) is a joint-project of Universal Harvester, Inc. and JCI Philippines. Our main goal is to assist in rehabilitating and improving the productivity of farm communities in areas affected by super typhoon Yolanda. 

Our primary objectives are:  

  • Facilitate the provision of basic necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing for qualified beneficiaries, in coordination with government and concerned non-government organizations operating in the area of the qualified beneficiaries;  
  • Provide technical assistance and inputs that will enable farm community beneficiaries to resume agriculture activities at the soonest possible time;  
  • Introduce solutions and technologies to increase productivity and improve the living conditions of the farmer-family beneficiaries; and,  
  • Institute measures to sustain the benefits of the project.  




TOFARM, Universal Harvester Inc. (UHI), IPNI SEAP and Uralkali Trading (UKT) support the PHI-05 Cassava Intensification project. It started in May 2014, and operates in several Philippine provinces. The team decided during previous meetings to develop intermediate deliverables that help UHI in the development of promotional campaigns and markets. Two of these identified intermediate outputs are a first Cassava Project Field Day, and the development of a business model for the wide commercial dissemination of NE, using the existing NE Maize in order to expedite the scaling for the to be developed NE Cassava.   



A project of TOFARM and Universal Harvester with E-Support Link, Ltd., Japan that utilizes information technology to bridge geographical divide of farmer (as seller) and product buyers. This makes information on various crops available and harvest timing to a wide range of stakeholders.