The TOFARM Photo and Infomercial Contest shares the vibrant lives of the farmers and the picturesque landscape that surrounds them. Farmers and their noble work; tasked to nourish an entire nation. Each photo captures their resiliency, honors their perseverance and celebrates their ingenuity.

We are inviting all photographers and video makers, (aspiring or professional) to join our 2018 TOFARM Photo and Video Contest! Winners will receive the following:

DSLR 1st Prize Winner: P50,000
DSLR 2nd
Prize Winner: P40,000
DSLR 3rd
Prize Winner: P30,000

Infomercial 1st Prize Winner: P60,000
Infomercial 2nd
Prize Winner: P50,000
Infomercial 3rd
Prize Winner: P40,000

Non-DSLR 1st Prize Winner: P30,000
Non-DSLR 2nd
Prize Winner: P20,000
Non-DSLR 3rd
Prize Winner: P15,000